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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and state tax authorities wield tremendous power over United States citizens and companies, and the government has the power to seize your money and assets if it believes you have failed to honor your tax obligations. 

Our Charlotte tax lawyer relies on our extensive knowledge of federal, state, and local tax laws to provide effective advocacy to individuals and businesses involved in conflicts with government tax authorities. The team at De Nittis Law also helps clients take proactive steps to avoid future taxation issues. No matter the complexity of your taxation dispute, we can identify and implement solutions with unwavering focus and dedication.

If you need help avoiding future tax liability or have become involved in a dispute with the IRS, do not hesitate to call 704-251-9055 or contact us online.

How Can We Help You?

Tax Planning and Conflict Resolution Services in Charlotte, NC

Our team relies on our legal acumen to advise clients on how to effectively approach moments that tend to confer significant tax implications, including estate transfers, business entity formations, business acquisitions, and property sales. We also counsel individuals and businesses in matters involving the payment of income and corporate tax obligations.

If you become involved in a tax controversy or learn you are the subject of a government audit, immediately contact qualified legal representation. Swiftly engaging experienced advocates can help level the playing field in your discussions with government tax authorities. We provide you with the sound legal counsel you need to withstand and overcome government overreach. 

Our Charlotte tax attorney can assist you with:

  • Gift Taxes. Our team can help you leverage strategic lifetime gifts to facilitate the safe transfer of assets as well as reduce or eliminate federal estate tax obligations.
  • Estate Taxes. We can help you utilize estate planning tools, including trusts, to minimize the impact of probate and federal estate taxes.
  • State and Local Taxes. Our firm has a thorough understanding of local and state tax rules and can provide tailored advice to individuals and businesses.
  • Property Taxes. We have conducted property tax appeals and can work to protect you from overpaying on property taxes.
  • Real Estate Transactions. Our firm can help you strategically structure real estate transactions to minimize your tax obligations.
  • Business Entity Formation. We understand the tax implications of numerous types of business entities, including limited liability companies (LLCs), partnerships, corporations, and “S” corporations and can help you navigate those implications when standing up a new venture.
  • Tax Controversies. Our team can help you navigate disputes with the IRS and other government tax authorities.
  • Audits. We can serve as your guide and advocate through each stage of a government audit and will work to fiercely protect your interests.
  • Wage Garnishments. The IRS or another tax authority may garnish your wages if you are seriously delinquent in paying tax debt. We can investigate the validity of the garnishments and negotiate directly with the government to reach an agreeable settlement.
  • Advanced Trusts and Estate Planning. We help you manage your assets throughout your lifetime through the creation and administration of trusts and other estate planning instruments.
  • Private Wealth Transfers. Large private wealth transfers can result in enormous tax consequences. We can help you identify and implement numerous tax-efficient wealth transfer strategies.

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