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Charlotte Real Estate Development Attorney

Residential and Commercial Project Guidance in North Carolina

Development and construction projects have many moving pieces that depend on strong coordination to succeed. With years of legal experience, our team at De Nittis Law is uniquely positioned to provide full-service legal counsel by triangulating construction, property, and tax law

Our Charlotte real estate development lawyer leverages our firm's knowledge and resources to provide you with sophisticated guidance at competitive rates. 

We have represented investors, developers, and construction companies through the complete lifecycle of their residential and commercial real estate projects. 

Our Real Estate Development Services Include:

  • Outside General Counsel
  • Land Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Zoning Research and Rezoning Applications
  • Purchase and Sale Contracts
  • Subcontractor and Supplier Agreements
  • Residential and Commercial Property Development and Sales
  • Property Management Services
  • Real Estate Tax Appeals
  • Capital Gains Tax Planning
  • 1031 Exchange Planning
  • Drafting and Enforcement of Employment and Contractor Agreements

Commercial Real Estate Services in North Carolina

Commercial real estate transactions are complex and can involve huge risks for all parties involved. Our Charlotte real estate law team guides clients through each stage of a commercial real estate deal and protects our clients' interests throughout the process. 

We work to minimize risks, avoid financial pitfalls, and achieve clients' business objectives.

Our Charlotte real estate development attorney can represent all parties in a commercial real estate transaction, including:

  • Buyers. If you are a buyer, we work to verify that there are no zoning problems, land or title issues, environmental concerns, or any other impediments that might jeopardize the transaction. Our team will confirm the desired property is appropriately zoned for your business needs and flag any issues that may make the property unattractive to your company or your tenants.
  • Banks and Lending Institutions. We work with lender clients to confirm there are no zoning problems, environmental issues, or land or title issues encumbering the property. Completing these checks ensures you will have strong collateral. We will also conduct due diligence on the property and buyer and identify any potential problems.
  • Sellers. We assist sellers with fielding and responding to requests from buyers and lenders. We work to efficiently resolve title issues and any other problems that might jeopardize the deal.

If you need legal assistance with a residential or commercial real estate project, do not hesitate to call 704-251-9055 or contact us online.

How Can We Help You?

Why You Need a Commercial Real Estate Attorney in North Carolina

It is always advisable to retain experienced legal representation when navigating a commercial real estate transaction. We can help you navigate conflicts and protect your interests as you seek to close a commercial real estate deal.

When you are looking to buy, sell, build, or lease commercial property, our team at De Nittis Law can work to ensure you get a fair deal. We can negotiate on your behalf with buyers, sellers, and lenders. Our firm also thinks proactively and can take steps to protect you from seemingly unforeseeable issues that arise after a deal has closed, including potential environmental issues.

The inherent complexity of commercial real estate transactions can make it difficult for even seasoned investors to determine whether a deal is legitimate or not. If you are not extensively familiar with the legalities of commercial real estate, you will likely need a legal professional to help you avoid bad-faith actors and financially damaging consequences. We can help you uncover hidden issues that can make a deal untenable.

No matter your circumstances or the scale of your real estate project, our team is prepared to meet your needs. Our Charlotte real estate development lawyer can represent your interests at every level of the transaction.

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