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Announcing De Nittis Law, PLLC

Greetings, friends, family, colleagues, and clients:

We are proud to announce the opening of our law firm, De Nittis Law, PLLC. We have collectively worked as federal regulators, in-house attorney, business owners, and outside counsel and are combining our diverse experiences to offer superior legal services at affordable prices. We provide financial services regulatory and compliance counseling, estate planning, and tax and business advocacy for businesses and individuals in North Carolina, Illinois, New York, and Washington, DC. Our firm will maintain an active pro bono practice dedicated to indigent criminal defense. We are grateful for your support and hope to use this moment to reconnect with each of you.

Chris De Nittis and Nate Viebrock

Hello. Nate, here.

I know things feel a bit uneasy in the world right now. And I know it sounds crazy to open a new firm in the middle of a global pandemic on the eve of a historic election when there’s so much uncertainty facing our country. So why are we doing this? I see opening a boutique law office as an opportunity for us to become nimbler and superior advocates for both our clients and community. I excel in crafting creative solutions for clients who are trying to build innovative products in complex regulatory environments. Success means seeing my clients launch products and services without needing to worry about the future threat of a lawsuit or government investigation. To that end, I won’t back down from telling clients when their products could harm consumers and they’re exposing their companies to unnecessary regulatory and reputational risk. But if you want to challenge laws and regulations that unduly hinder innovation so that you can better serve more consumers, then I will be your champion.

I’ve partnered with my close friend and fellow Georgia Bulldog, Chris De Nittis, because he has a wealth of experience and expertise that complements my own and as a team we can better serve our diverse clients.

Here’s Chris.


I am passionate about helping individuals plan for their family’s long-term care and assisting entrepreneurs with realizing their visions. I thrive on providing clients with the sound legal counsel they need to withstand government tax overreach. Before attending law school, I worked as a newspaper journalist in both large and small towns throughout the Southeast. There, I witnessed the inequities that often exist between citizens and government. From reporting on those who had been unfairly arrested and charged with exorbitant fines, to those facing re-zoning and condemnation efforts, to parents being shut out of school board meetings it was clear to me that individuals need legal advocates to protect and advise them in navigating complex and powerful government structures. At Georgetown Law, I focused my studies on taxation, an arena where the government has notoriously held an advantage over the individual. Throughout my career, I have focused on estate planning and corporate law, areas where – like tax – effective advocacy can bridge a power dichotomy.