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"Extremely welcoming of my call & graciously took the time to answer all of my questions."

I was referred to Chris De Nittis by a mutual friend after expressing interest in setting up my estate documents and a trust. When I initially called Chris, I didn't have an appointment and called on a whim. He was extremely welcoming of my call and graciously took the time to answer all of my questions...without charge. Working with attorneys almost always comes with prorated hourly fees for calls, emails, etc. However, Chris' main objective was to ensure that I was well-informed concerning the estate planning process versus nickel-and-diming me. Typically, I would take more time to think through a financial investment of this nature. However, I received clarification on everything that I inquired about, plus much more in info & tips.

Prior to the estate planning call, Chris reviewed and sent information ahead of time so that I would be prepared and have time to think through the selections that I would be making. Our discussion was seamless and he informed me that my final documents would be ready for my signature within two weeks, which they were. I met with his team, signed the docs and he provided the originals, a copy, and a flash drive containing everything. He also outlined the next steps for me concerning which entities to inform about my trust and the documents to provide to them.

I can't emphasize enough how seamless the process was, and I even expressed my surprise to Chris. Nevertheless, my positive experience was true because of Chris and the love he has for his work. He advised me to reach out at any time with any questions or concerns and that he's glad to assist. I have already referred him to others within my SOI because I know he'll provide the same exceptional compassion, professionalism, and service concerning their legal needs. Choose Chris and his team...you'll be in the best hands.

– Erika M.

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